Nura Muhammed with Facebook Name ''Mohammad Laminga'' is a bit time Scammer. Visit his facebook profile here  He sells facebook pages and groups on Facebook but turns out he scams his client of their hard-earned money.

It appears I had a couple of deals with him. I bought a facebook group and several facebook pages from him. Ab initio, I insisted we use an escrow and the deals went just fine. We had 2-3 successful deals with escrow and I thought after having up to 3 succesful deals with him I can trust him. but was so foolish to trust the hungry boy.

Our last deal went sour, the hungry boy after receiving payment for the 2 different pages I paid for, blocked me and ran away with my money.

Below are some screenshot from our chat before he blocked me...

Below is his Bank account details;

Account Number 0060519752 
Bank Name: Diamond Bank 
Account Name: Nura Muhammed